WWAP Side publications from the 4th Report 'Managing Water under Uncertainty and Risk'

Green Accounting and Data Improvement for Water Resources
Published in 2012

Carbon and Water Footprints: Concepts, Methodologies and Policy Responses
Published in 2012

Water and Sustainability: A Review of Targets, Tools and Regional Cases
Published in 2012

WWAP Side Publications Series from the 3rd Report

The third edition of the UN World Water Development Report, "Water in a Changing World" is accompanied by a new series of side publications. Written by partner organizations, these publications are intended to provide more focused, in-depth information and scientific background knowledge, and a closer look at some less conventional water sectors.

Unfortunately, we are only able to offer these publications in English.

The series is divided into three primary types of publications:

  1. Scientific side papers. This series is intended to provide scientific information on subjects covered in the WWDR and to serve as bridge between the Report’s contents and the scientific, peer-reviewed publications.
  2. Sector and Topic-Specific 'Insight' Reports. The reports and documents in this series will provide more in-depth information on water-related sectors, issues and topics in a stand-alone manner. Examples for this series include Integrated Water Resources Management, transboundary issues, and technology, among others.
  3. Dialogue Series. Sectors and topics to which water is cross-cutting or important will be covered under this series. Some examples of this collection of reports include climate change, security, biodiversity, poverty alleviation, and land use.

Scientific Papers

Climate Changes, Water Security and Possible Remedies for the Middle East
by Jon Martin Trondalen for UNESCO PCCP

A Multi-Model Experiment to Assess and Cope with Climate Change Impacts on the Châteauguay Watershed in Southern Quebec
by Luc Vescovi, Ouranos; Ralf Ludwig, Department of Geography, University of Munich; Jean-François Cyr, Richard Turcotte and Louis-Guillaume Fortin, Centre d’Expertise Hydrique du Québec; Diane Chaumont, Ouranos; Marco Braun and Wolfram Mauser, Department of Geography, University of Munich

Water and Climate Change in Quebec
by Luc Vescovi, Ouranos; Pierre Baril, Ministry of Transport, Québec; Claude Desjarlais; André Musy; and René Roy, Hydro-Québec. All authors are members of the Ouranos Consortium.

Investing in Information, Knowledge and Monitoring
by Jim Winpenny for the WWAP Secretariat

Water Footprint Analysis (Hydrologic and Economic) of the Guadania River Basin
by Maite Martinez Aldaya, Twente Water Centre, University of Twente and Manuel Ramon Llamas, Department of Geodynamics, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain


IWRM Implementation in Basins, Sub-Basins and Aquifers: State of the Art Review
by Keith Kennedy, Slobodan Simonovic, Alberto Tejada-Guibert, Miguel de França Doria and José Luis Martin for UNESCO-IHP

Institutional Capacity Development in Transboundary Water Management
by Ruth Vollmer, Reza Ardakanian, Matt Hare, Jan Leentvaar, Charlotte van der Schaaf and Lars Wirkus for UNW-DPC

Global Trends in Water-Related Disasters: An Insight for Policymakers
by Yoganath Adikari and Junichi Yoshitani at the Public Works Research Institute, Tsukuba, Japan, for the International Center for Water Hazard and Risk Management (ICHARM), under the auspices of UNESCO.

Inland Waterborne Transport: Connecting Countries
by Sobhanlal Bonnerjee, Anne Cann,Harald Koethe, David Lammie, Geerinck Lieven, Jasna Muskatirovic, Benjamin Ndala, Gernot Pauli and Ian White for PIANC/ICIWaRM

Building a 2nd Generation of New World Water Scenarios
by Joseph Alcamo and Gilberto Gallopin

Seeing Traditional Technologies in a New Light: Using Traditional Approaches for Water Management in Drylands
by Harriet Bigas, Zafar Adeel and Brigitte Schuster (eds), for the United Nations University International Network on Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH)

Dialogue Series

Water Adaptation in National Adaptation Programmes for Action Freshwater in Climate Adaptation Planning and Climate Adaptation in Freshwater Planning
by Gunilla Björklund, Håkan Tropp, Joakim Harlin, Alastair Morrison and Andrew Hudson for UNDP

Integrated Water Resources Management in Action
by Jan Hassing, Niels Ipsen, Torkil-Jønch Clausen, Henrik Larsen and Palle Lindgaard-Jørgensen for DHI Water Policy and the UNEP-DHI Centre for Water and Environment

Confronting the Challenges of Climate Variability and Change through an Integrated Strategy for the Sustainable Management of the La Plata River Basin
by Enrique Bello, Jorge Rucks and Cletus Springer for the Department of Sustainable Development, Organization of American States

Water and Climate Change: Citizen Mobilization, a Source of Solutions
by Marie-Joëlle Fluet, International Secretariat for Water; Luc Vescovi, Ouranos, and Amadou Idrissa Bokoye, Environment Canada

Updating the International Water Events Database
by Lucia De Stefano, Lynette de Silva, Paris Edwards and Aaron T. Wolf, Program for Water Conflict Management and Transformation, Oregon State University, for UNESCO PCCP

Water Security and Ecosystems: The Critical Connection
by Thomas Chiramba and Tim Kasten for UNEP

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