Green Accounting and Data Improvement for Water Resources

It is widely recognized that over the next few decades global drivers such as climate change and population growth will increase pressure on the availability, quality and distribution of water resources. National governments, who are concerned about the state of their water resources and the way they are being used, and international organizations, who are raising regional and global concerns on water-related issues, are leading the growing interest in water information systems. Economic policy-makers are also increasingly recognizing that water has an importance for national economies which is largely unaccounted for.

Green Accounting and Data Improvement for Water Resources outlines and discusses key initiatives by organizations such as the UN (SEEAW), Eurostat, the OECD and the EEA to incorporate water-related indicators into wider systems of environmental accounting as a step towards raising the profile of water’s role in economic and environmental policy-making.

Better data about water are not desired for their own sake, but for what they can do to improve decisions over a range of vital issues. Water accounts and statistics can identify areas of social, economic or environmental stress, and help monitor relevant policies. This report aims to inform the decision-making process for sustainable development and highlight to governments, development agents, civil society and the statistics community the crucial importance of hydrometeorological data collection, processing and dissemination.

Green Accounting and Data Improvement for Water Resources refers back to the United Nations World Water Development Report 4 (WWDR4) and its messages, offering a more substantial exploration of the green accounting theme. The WWAP Secretariat, in close collaboration with the UNSD and the EEA, coordinated the thematic priority area on Green Accounting and Data Improvement for the 6th World Water Forum in March 2012, and this publication is also an output of this teamwork.

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