WWAP Special Reports

These reports are compiled from the WWDR3 and provide detailed overviews of specific issues or themes relating to the world’s water.  They may also highlight elements of the report that are of relevance to a specific group of readers.


  • Green Accounting and Data Improvement for Water Resources

    © UNESCO-WWAP 2012

    This working paper  has been prepared for the session ‘Green Accounting and Data Improvement: Critical Tools for Informed Decision Making and Sustainable Growth’ at World Water Forum 6, Marseille, 13 March 2012.

    Download- Working Paper: 'Green accounting and Data Improvement: Critical Tools for Informed Decision Making and Sustainable Growth' [PDF - 616 KB]

  • Climate Change and Water

    November 2009, Joana Talafre and Friederike Knabe

    This special report brings together messages on water and climate change from the WWDR3 Water in a Changing World. The WWDR3 shows that changes in our water resources are shaped to a great extent by a number of key externalities, among them climate change, and that decisions taken far from the conventionally defined water sector have a tremendous influence on water resources and how they are used or misused.

    Download - Special Report: "Climate Change and Water: An overview from the UN World Water Development Report 3, Water in a Changing World" [PDF - 2.73 MB]

  • Water – the blue web that unites us

    July 2009, by James Winpenny 

    Based on the finding of the WWDR-3, this concept paper was prepared as a contribution to the participatory process for the G8 Summit held in July 2009 in Italy. The paper proposes actions in the following seven areas: making water policies more coherent; adapting water to climate change; recognizing water as an international and a global issue; putting water on sound financial footing; taking into account information, evidence and image; considering points particularly relevant to sustainable, self-reliant development in Africa; and the potential role for UN-Water and the World Water Assessment Programme.

    Download - Special Report: "Water – the blue web that unites us" [PDF - 1.84 MB]

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