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The IW:LEARN gender partnership with the United Nations World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP) of UNESCO, seeks to enhance gender equality in water programs through activities that support gender mainstreaming. To promote gender mainstreaming via Learning (Twinning) Exchanges, IW:LEARN invites GEF IW projects to work with WWAP to broker exchange of experience on mainstreaming approaches.

Download the Twinning Brochure here

Women play a central role in the provision, management and safeguarding of water. Making a case for gender mainstreaming in GEF International Waters: Learning Exchange and Resource Network (IW:LEARN) activities means to provide a learning example for external partners, governments and institutions on how to improve their own water programs and training tools. The aim is to introduce systematic consideration of gender equity, woman empowerment and social inclusion in GEF’s international waters portfolio
approach for the improved management of transboundary waters and for more integrated water resources management initiatives.

Through the GEF IW:LEARN Twinning exchanges, WWAP can provide:

  • Ad-hoc trainings and workshops on sex-disaggregated water data
    collection and analysis, and on gender sensitive indicators. The training
    is based on 5 multi-faceted macro-modules (as listed below) –each composed by one or more sub-modules and exercises- which offer a theoretical, interactive and practical learning experience. The WWAP Water & Gender Toolkit, that has been widely recognized, forms the base of the modules and is used as training material.
  • WWAP provides support to implement gender-transformative activities
    in the form of advice and tutoring to projects, programs, and other
    beneficiaries. In particular, the WWAP gender advisory task force may
    provide support in the field on what to do, why and how.
  • In line with the trainings, WWAP can organize seminars and info sessions for a wider audience on the topic of water and gender. These can be held both on-the-spot as well as online, and are tailored to the needs of the audience.

The training can be tailored according to specific needs. However the 5 main Macro-Modules are:

  1. Macro-module 1: Introduction to gender and water
  2. Macro-module 2: Sex-disaggregated water data
  3. Macro-module 3: WWAP gender toolkit key indicators
  4. Macro-module 4: Gender guidance or water data surveys
  5. Macro-module 5: From data to information
  6. Macro-module 6: Applying concepts to practice

If your GEF IW project can benefit from a Twinning Exchange on the abovementioned topics, we encourage you to work with us to prepare a twinning proposal. Additionally, projects participating in a twinning must complete a Mission Report and Experience Note after the exchange. Proposal forms and additional information may be obtained from the website (www.iwlearn.net) or by directly contacting IW:LEARN or WWAP.

Download the Twinning Brochure here

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