UN WWAP Working Group on Gender-Disaggregated Indicators

WWAP has been a leader in mainstreaming gender into all of its projects and publications such as the 2012 edition of the World Water Development Report ( WWDR)  “Managing Water Under Uncertainties and Risks”, the 2014 annual report ( WWDR2014) “Water and Energy”  and all side publications

WWAP now breaks new ground with this gender sensitive methodology for water indicators.

An international Working Group is assisting WWAP in PHASE I of the project on gender sensitive water monitoring, assessment and reporting

The Working Group brings to the project professional and updated information, review, and expert advice on theoretical considerations and methodologies for the toolkit. The Working Group, consisting of members from around the world, has been deeply involved in the project through regular meetings and teleconferences.

From April through August 2015, the main task of the Working Group has been to identify five priority indicators for water monitoring. These can now be found in the Toolkit for gender-sensitive water monitoring, reporting and assessment.

Progress on this project are presented at international conferences and seminars, including particularly:


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