Special session on the WWDR 2015 at the 7th World Water Forum

The World Water Development Report 2015 (WWDR 2015) provides a focused descriptive analysis that demonstrates how water is a key factor in a future sustainable world, which is one of the action goals of the 7th World Water Forum.

WWAP convened the special session on the WWDR 2015 at the 7th World Water Forum, on April 13, from 5 to 7:10 pm.

Taking into account economic growth, social equity and environmental sustainability, the forward-looking WWDR 2015 describes how major challenges and change factors in the modern world will affect – and can be affected by – water resources, services and related benefits in a not too distant future.

This session also featured real life examples from Case Studies and Indicators Report, UNESCO’s contribution to the WWDR 2015.

Highlights from the World Water Forum newspaper:

The United Nations World Water Assessment Programme contribution to lay the foundation of the charter of Milan

On 7 February 2015 a high-level event was organized by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture to kick-start the discussions linked to the Expo 2015 theme: “Feed the planet, energy for life” and lay the basis for the Charter of Milan. The Charter of Milan will become a protocol, the first of its kind, over food security and related matters and will constitute the long lasting legacy of Expo 2015.

The Charter will be handed over to UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon on 16th of October 2015 during his visit at Expo Milano, as a contribution of the Universal Expo to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) discussions.

The “Expo of Ideas”, that took place in Hangar Bicocca in Milano, saw the participation of more than 500 international experts invited to brainstorm and deliberate around 42 thematic areas.

WWAP UNESCO Coordinator a.i., Ms. Michela Miletto, contributed to the working group dedicated to water. She reaffirmed the need for new and more comprehensive water resources assessments; the promotion of monitoring and researching water and gender aspects; and the importance of understanding and managing carefully the nexus water-food-energy-environment.

Several renowned guests were also present at the event or contributed with video messages. Pope Francis gave his welcome remarks during the opening session, stressing that we should not forget those who “lack access to food and strive each day to survive” adding that “iniquity is at the roots of all evil”.
Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi pointed out that Expo 2015 is “a great opportunity for the world and for Italy to tackle the food challenges”. Other personalities that participated to the event include: ex-president of Brazil Inacio Lula da Silva, FAO DG José Graziano da Silva and High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini.

Through this event, the consolidated collaboration between WWAP UNESCO and Expo 2015 continues. In the upcoming months other joint initiatives will take place, such as: the presentation of the World Water Development Report (WWDR) 2015 at Aquae Venezia on 21-22 May and the realization of the inspirational awareness raising project “The Water Rooms” at Expo Milan and Aquae Venezia.

For further information on WWAP activities for Expo 2015, please contact WWAP Advocacy Officer Lucilla Minelli l.minelli@unesco.org

More information

2015 UN-Water Annual International Zaragoza Conference

The UN-Water Annual International Zaragoza Conference will kick off the World Water Day 2015 campaign under the theme: Water and Sustainable Development: From Vision to Action. The post-2015 international agenda for water will be decided in 2015 and the purpose of this international conference is to bring the agenda into action; a practical event on tools for implementation (financing, technology, capacity development) and governance frameworks, for initiating the post-2015 agenda in water and sanitation.

WWAP participates to the conference with a preview of the upcoming World Water Development Report 2015 “Water for a Sustainable World”, that will be launched at the official celebrations of the World Water Day 2015 in New Delhi, India.

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