The Water Rooms: a journey to discover, understand and change

“The Water Rooms” is an ambitious outreach project led by WWAP to be presented at EXPO 2015 - the Universal Exposition – and consists of a visionary and inspirational video-itinerary of five sequential “rooms” that will trigger interest and encourage learning about water resources and their sustainable management. Each “room” offers a fun and emotional experience inviting the viewer to reflect on the dynamics affecting the resource and the actors managing it.

The meeting taking place at WWAP premises from Wednesday 21st to Friday 23rd of January is a brainstorming and writing exercise to create the storylines for each Water Room, and it will bring together scientists and technical experts on one side and creatives, filmmakers and writers, on the other.

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2015 UN-Water Annual International Zaragoza Conference

The UN-Water Annual International Zaragoza Conference will kick off the World Water Day 2015 campaign under the theme: Water and Sustainable Development: From Vision to Action. The post-2015 international agenda for water will be decided in 2015 and the purpose of this international conference is to bring the agenda into action; a practical event on tools for implementation (financing, technology, capacity development) and governance frameworks, for initiating the post-2015 agenda in water and sanitation.

WWAP participates to the conference with a preview of the upcoming World Water Development Report 2015 “Water for a Sustainable World”, that will be launched at the official celebrations of the World Water Day 2015 in New Delhi, India.

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