Parallel Launch at ANA HQ in Brasilia

WWDR 2016 Parallel Regional Launch in Brasil


The topic of World Water Development Report (WWDR) 2016 is “Water and Jobs” and it aims to highlight the connection between the water and the employment sectors. Water plays a key role in several areas, also in the job field, in fact, it has been demonstrated that three out of four of the jobs worldwide are water-dependent. 

The official launch of the WWDR 2016 was held in Geneva, Switzerland, on the 22nd March, on time for the celebrations of the World Water Day. On the same day, WWAP has organized and co-organized several launches across the world.

In Brasilia, Brazil, during the Seminar about the water crisis and the dams’ security (22/03/2016), Dr. Angela R.C. Ortigara (WWAP) presented the 2016 WWDR publication, highlighting the important of improving water management to tackle the water crisis and the potential it has to create new jobs. Particularly, the water crisis and climate change were highlighted as opportunities on the transition to green economies, the improvement on water efficiency in agriculture, industries and urban areas the development of new technologies. The innovation will support the creation of jobs in adaptation and mitigation of climate change, research and development, implementation, maintenance and operation. In the USA the investment in water and sanitation infrastructure can generate from 10 to 26 jobs, while in Latin America this number can arrive to 100 jobs every US$ 1 million of dollars invested. Particularly in Brazil, where only 40% of the wastewater is treated great opportunities for the economy and job creation are found in this area, from the collection, to treatment and reuse of wastewater.

This event hosted roundtables about the Brazilian water crisis, dams security, impacts of the ore tailings dam disruption in Mariana and Doce creek rehabilitation. The agenda included:

  • Mr. Paulo Varella, Director of the Brazilian Water National Agency, ANA;
  • Mr. André Corrêa, Secretary of Rio de Janeiro Environment Policy;
  • Mr. João Fernandes da Silva, President – Director of the Executive Agency of Water Management of Paraíba State, AESA;
  • Mr. Vicente Andreu, President – Director of Brazilian Water National Agency, ANA;
  • Miss Gisela Forattini, Director of the Brazilian Water National Agency, ANA;
  • Miss Angela R.C. Ortigara, Programme officer of UN WWAP UNESCO;
  • Mr. João Gilberto Lotufo Conejo, Director of the Brazilian Water National Agency, ANA;
  • Mr. Calvin Creech, United States Army Corps of Enginners, USACE;
  • Mr. Carlos Henrique Medeiros, Technical Director of the Brazilian Dams Committee, CBDB;
  • Mr. Francisco Teixeira, Secretary of Water Resources of Ceará State;
  • Mr. Ney Maranhão, Director of the Brazilian Water National Agency, ANA;
  • Mr. Luís Inácio Lucena Adams, Minister of General Law;
  • Miss Izabella Teixeira, Federal Minister of Environment;
  • Mr. Leonardo Deptulski, President of the Rio Doce Basin Committee.
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