Regional Launch Botswana

The invited guests including the Hon. Minister singing the National Anthem

In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly designated 22 March as the first World Water Day. Botswana, as a member of the United Nations, has been participating in World Water Day celebrations since 2003.

World Water Day 2017 (WWD 2017) in Botswana was celebrated in Mahalapye 200km away from the capital city Gaborone. Different water stakeholders were invited to the event including the village leadership in the region.  The key note address was given by the Assistant Minister of Land Management, Water & Sanitation Services Hon. Itumeleng Moipisi. The key note address gave emphasis on the importance of wastewater and that Botswana as a water scarce country should see wastewater as an additional water resource.



Roadshow in Mookane Village

The WWD 2017 in Botswana started with the road shows on the 14th – 20th March 2017. These roadshows were conducted in the villages surrounding Mahalapye where the main event was held. The purpose of these roadshows was to disseminate information on the WWD 2017 celebrations as well as educate the public on water resources management and the importance of protecting these water resources from pollution and over abstraction. An artist was procured to assist in advertising the day and on passing key messages on the theme of the day through music to the general public. Other stakeholders such as the Water Utilities Corporation (WUC), Dictorate of Economic Crime and Corruption (DCEC) and the Land Board Services collaborated with the Department of Water affairs (DWA) in the road shows to educate the public on their services in relation to water.

Main Event and Exhibition

An exhibitor explaining processes in water treatment to the visitors

The main event in Mahalapye was celebrated with local drama, poems and music from various local artists that disseminated information on wastewater and water conservation. The United Nations World Water Development Report 2017 was distributed to the stakeholders at the main event. The Department of Water Affairs (DWA) and other stakeholders had erected stalls to exhibit their services in relation to wastewater. Government departments, Private Companies and the Non-governmental Organizations (NGO’s) exhibited at the WWD 2017. The invited guests and members of the public visited the stalls to learn about wastewater reuse and wastewater treatment. 

The turn up by the exhibitors was very impressive. The exhibition provided a platform to the invited guests and the public to learn about the importance of wastewater and how it can be turned into a resource. Companies that treat wastewater for re-use also came to exhibit at the event with the intention to encourage Batswana to buy their services on wastewater treatment for re-use.
The event on WWD 2017 in Botswana was found to be a success.  A large number of people attended both the invited stakeholders and the general public.


General public at the event

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