Regional Launch Ulaanbaatar

The WWDR 2017 presented at the Mongolian State University of Education

Organized by the Mongolian State University of Education in cooperation with UNESCO Beijing Office, the Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, a WWD student’s conference was held at the Mongolian State University of Education during the afternoon and early evening of 22 March.

Following opening remarks from the sponsoring organizations, a brief launch ceremony for the 2017 World Water Development Report was held. UNESCO’s representative presented copies of the report to the representative of the Ministry as well as the participating universities. The conference itself was divided into two sections – a series of nine presentations on wastewater issues delivered by students representing nine national universities, followed by a series of ten theatrical performances delivered by students representing secondary schools from across the country. In addition to the performances, each secondary school had also prepared essays, 3-D models, and artworks on the theme of wastewater. A jury comprising professors from the participating universities assessed the contributions made by individual university students and teams representing secondary schools, selecting winners from each group based on merit. The standard of presentation by both university and secondary school students was very high, with all participants well prepared.

Below a selection of a few art projects created by students on the topic of wastewater:

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