Production Process of the WWDR3, "Water in a Changing World"

The WWDR3 presents several changes compared to the previous two editions, from both the contents and the process points of view and new mechanisms have been created to support the development of this report.

WWAP's Organizational Structure

The core WWDR3 Production Team is composed of the Production Manager, Mr Olcay Unver; the Content Manager, Mr William J. Cosgrove and the Process Manager, Mr George de Gooijer.

In addition, each chapter has a core team of two persons, a Coordinator from a UN agency, and a Facilitator from WWAP (see names below).

A roster of Professional Writers (Ms Gunilla Bjorklund, Mr Andy Bullock, Ms Molly Hellmuth, and Mr Jim Winpenny) has also been engaged by the WWAP Secretariat to harmonize the inputs received by the chapter Coordinators and Facilitators.

WWAP's organizational diagram

The Content Coordinator is in charge of ensuring cohesion and consistency between chapters, working directly with the chapter coordinators and chapter facilitators (see below), discussing and seeking consensus on the arrangements, changes and modifications necessary to ensure cohesion, integration and consistency of the WWDR3.

The Process Manager ensures that all chapter Coordinators and Facilitators are fully informed of the status of the overall process. He is responsible for ensuring that the overall work plan as well as sub-processes are run as planned, to detect and interfere with delays and unforeseen circumstances and to provide assistance to chapter Coordinators and Facilitators.

Chapter Coordinators are responsible for the general development of chapters and are assisted by chapter Facilitators to ensure timely production. Chapter Coordinators and Facilitators of the WWDR3 are:

Part 1 - Understanding What Drives The Pressure On Water (5 chapters)

Chapter 1, Coordinator: Olcay Unver (WWAP)  /  Facilitator: William J. Cosgrove

Chapter 2 to 5, Coordinator: Tim Kasten (UNEP) / Facilitator: Richard Connor

Part 2 - Using Water (4 chapters)

Coordinator: Jean-Marc Faures(FAO)
Facilitator: Domitille Vallee

Part 3 - State of the Resource (4 chapters)

Coordinator: Andras Szollosi-Nagy (UNESCO)
Facilitator: Denis Hughes

Part 4 - Responses and choices (3 chapters)

Coordinators: Hakan Tropp (UNDP) and Olcay Unver (WWAP)
Facilitators: George de Gooijer and William Cosgrove

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