Production Process of the WWDR3, "Water in a Changing World"

The WWDR3 presents several changes compared to the previous two editions, from both the contents and the process points of view and new mechanisms have been created to support the development of this report.

Preparatory Meetings

The preparatory work for the production of WWDR3 has evolved through two main events: the Inception Meeting and the Integration Meeting.

1st Preparatory Meeting for the production of the WWDR3 or “Inception Meeting”

WWDR3 Inception Meeting Paris

The first preparatory meeting, or “Inception Meeting”, took place in Paris, France at the UNESCO Headquarters from 7 to 11 November 2007.

The purpose of the meeting was to finalize the structure of the WWDR3 and discuss its accompanying publications.

Approximately 70 experts and organization representatives came from around the world to attend the five-day workshop.

Their inputs constituted the fundamental premises to outline the first draft of the WWDR3. During the five-day workshop, participants worked in plenary and small groups to draft the Table of Contents for the WWDR3. Discussion was based largely on input gathered during a consultative process initiated by WWAP during the World Water Week in August of 2007. Participants also worked to prepare a production schedule for the first draft of the report, propose additional publications, and suggest direction for addressing controversial issues.

The main outcomes of the Inception Meeting are:

  • A draft Table of Contents;
  • A selection of major indicators;
  • Major contributors identified,
  • Professional authors engaged,
  • Obvious overlaps and gaps identified,
  • Contentious and emerging issues selected, and
  • Several side publications identified

2nd Preparatory Meeting for the production of the WWDR3 or “Integration Meeting”

WWDR3 Integration Meeting Perugia

The second preparatory meeting, or “Integration Meeting”, took place in Perugia, Italy at the new WWAP Headquarters from 19 to 25 April 2008.
At this meeting, the members of the WWAP Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) , the co-chairs of Expert Groups , members of UN-Water , contributors, writers, and other participants discussed the second draft of the chapters and their integration.
More than eighty participants from twenty-six countries attended the meeting, of which eleven representatives of UN-Water members.

The meeting consisted of three parts:
- a meeting of the WWAP-TAC in parallel with a meeting of the chapter teams on 19 and 20 April;
- a consulting part on the chapter drafts and on key topics involving a broader audience on 21 to 24 April,
- and finally a closing session of the production team on 25 April, to integrate comments and new inputs, revise the table of contents and the main messages of the chapters and plan the way forward. Conclusions and recommendations of the WWDR3 were also addressed.

The main outcomes of the Integration Meeting are:

  • Revised table of contents for the chapters;
  • Revised key messages of the chapters and of the report;
  • Gaps and overlaps identified;
  • Better coherence between the various parts of the report;
  • Comments and key messages related to specific cross-cutting issues (Financing, climate change, environment, capacity development, sanitation and water supply, business-trade-finance and role of the private sector, governance, technology-innovation-science);
  • Work plan for the production of the final draft of the chapters.
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