Production Process of the WWDR3, "Water in a Changing World"

The WWDR3 presents several changes compared to the previous two editions, from both the contents and the process points of view and new mechanisms have been created to support the development of this report.

Technical Meetings

Meeting on Indicators - June 2008, Perugia (Italy)

As part of the production process for the 3rd Edition of the World Water Development Report and of a broader process on indicators, databases and monitoring in the water sector, WWAP organised a working session in Perugia on 18-20 June 2008 involving a limited number of experts to discuss major issues related to this topic.

The purpose of this session was first to propose a long term action plan for both WWAP side process on Indicators, monitoring and databases (IMD) towards 2012 and for the UN-TF on Indicators-monitoring-reporting (IMR) coordinated by WWAP. For more immediate use, participants reviewed a statistical annex of key indicators proposed by FAO for inclusion in the WWDR3.

In this framework, participants took stock of what information is available, assessed information needs for the different target groups (UN, policy makers, UN member countries, water managers) and identified which initiatives exist and what the information gaps are.

They therefore identified four main critical issues and subsidiary challenges one needs to report on. These issues are the following:
1)    Is there a limit to growth because of water?
2)    What is the changing nature in the water resource?
3)    How do we use the water we have?
4)    How well do we manage our multiple objectives (allocation, enforcement) in the water sector?

Participants attempted to identify indicators to monitor each subsidiary challenge related to these critical issues and discussed their relevance.

Outcomes of this technical meeting on indicators were used to produce the statistical annexe of the WWDR3 and as a basis for the work of the Expert Group on Indicators, monitoring and databases (IMD).

Meeting on Policy Relevance - July 2008, Perugia (Italy)

WWAP WWDR3 Policy Meeting 2008

Participants to WWAP Policy Meeting for the preparation of WWDR3 - 28 July - 1 August 2008 - Perugia, Italy

WWAP WWDR3 Policy Meeting 2008

WWAP Policy Meeting for the preparation of WWDR3 - 28 July-1 August 2008 - Perugia, Italy

To support its efforts to report to decision makers in a relevant way, WWAP organised a Meeting on Policy Relevance in its new headquarters, in Perugia, Italy from 28 July to 1 August 2008.

This meeting brought together individuals responsible for the production of the WWDR3, the co-chairs of the two WWAP Expert Groups on “Policy Relevance” and on “Business, Finance, Trade and Role of Private Sector”, water leaders from Africa and from Asia, and individuals in charge of the coordination of the 5th World Water Forum Political Process.

On this occasion, participants discussed major water issues facing the world and proposed possible responses, which WWAP may refer to in follow-up and reporting.  In particular, participants reviewed and discussed:

  • Relevant sections of the WWDR3 for determining optimum policy input in it, taking into consideration regional specificities. The emphasis was given to the Preface, Chapter 1: “Water for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development” and Chapter 16: “The way forward with Water”;
  • The results of the online survey for water experts and national leaders 
  • The policy recommendations of WWDR3 that could be used as in input for the 5th World Water Forum Political Process;
  • The table of WWDR3 proposed indicators produced during the WWAP meeting on Indicators, Monitoring and Databases that took place on June 18-20, 2008 (see above).

The participants also discussed the WWDR3 key messages and its target audiences, along with the best strategy to reach them. They identified main target groups of the WWDR3 and outlined a few-pages policy brief for each of them.

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