WWDR3 Messages Series

Water is vital to all aspects of human life. Using water wisely and managing our water resources is an essential component of growth, socioeconomic development and reducing poverty. Yet around the world we see water scarcity problems rising. And if we don’t take action, they risk becoming even more severe.

The 3rd edition of the UN World Water Development Report, "Water in a Changing World", provides decision makers with the tools to implement sustainable use of our water – offering best practices to help stimulate ideas and actions for better stewardship of this most essential resource. However, government, business, civil society and a host of other actors all make decisions which have implications on water use. Because of this, an understanding of water issues and of the support needed for investments, institutions, incentives, information and capacity inside what has traditionally been considered the ‘water sector’ requires partnerships between those responsible for the economy-wide benefits of water and those responsible for managing water. In an effort to ensure this diverse group of actors understand how their decisions affect water use, WWAP has created a series of Messages based on the findings of the WWDR3.

In addition to the general overview of key messages of the WWDR3, WWAP has produced 10 four-page messages to decision makers.

Coordinator of WWDR-3 Message Series: George de Gooijer

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