WWDR4 Stakeholder Consultations

In the framework of the preparations of the 4th edition of the UN World Water Development Report WWAP sought to involve various stakeholders, including the general public, the scientific and research community, professional organizations, modelers, scholarly groups, and decision makers, in order to make sure that the Report is relevant to them and actually supports informed decision making and action.

WWAP carried a number of surveys / online consultations as well as consultation meetings which allow for feedback from experts and non-experts to ensure relevance of the process and of the contents.

Surveys and online consultations

  • Short survey on lessons learnt from the WWDR3 process, January-March 2009
  • 1st UN-Water and Stakeholders Electronic Surveys, June 2009
  • UN-Water Delphi, July 2009
  • Public Consultation on the Table of Contents, January 2010
  • Expert survey on drivers, April 2010
  • Public consultation on Draft1 of Modules 1 and 2, December 2010
  • Policy survey for decision makers, January 2011

Consultation events

  • Consultation meetings at the 5th World Water Forum, March 2009
    • WWDR3 Side Event at the 5th World Water Forum, March 2009
    • WWDR3 Production Team Meeting, March 2009
    • Meeting of the WWAP Technical Advisory Committee, March 2009
  • Side Event at the Stockholm World Water Week, August 2009
  • Side event at the Stockholm World Water Week 2010
  • Side Event at the 3rd Africa Water Week, November 2010
  • Side event at the Stockholm World Water Week 2011
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