WWDR4 Consultation Events

Consultation meetings in Istanbul, March 2009

During the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul (March 2009), WWAP organized three consultative meetings in which the results of the survey on lessons learnt from the WWDR3 process (see surveys and online consultations) were discussed and further refined.

> WWDR3 Side Event at 5th World Water Forum


18 March 2009

Following the official launch of the 3rd edition of the United Nations World Water Development Report (WWDR3), "Water in a Changing World", that took place on 16 March at the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul, Turkey, WWAP provided the opportunity for the Forum’s participants to discuss the contents of the Report during a well-attended side event held on 18 March. After a comprehensive presentation of the Report, its key messages and major findings, participants exchanged ideas and opinions with the production team in a Q&A session and discussed a number of topics ranging from identifying the main audience for the report to its purpose and scope and proposed subject matter to be taken into consideration in the WWDR4. Comments from the participants were included in a document summarizing the “Lessons Learned from WWDR3 and Suggestions for WWDR4” based on comments received from selected participants to the production of the WWDR3 who where invited to respond to a series of four question about the process.

> Meeting of the WWAP Technical Advisory Committee

20 March 2009

Nine of the eleven members of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) met in Istanbul with representatives of the WWAP Secretariat, the UN-Water Chair and Chief Technical Advisor to the Chair, and core members of the WWDR3 Production Team. They reviewed the production process of the WWDR3 and their comments were included in the “Lessons Learned from WWDR3 and Suggestions for WWDR4” document that was discussed the same day by the Production Team (see below).  TAC members also discussed the ways to disseminate the Report’s key messages and agreed to work closely with the WWAP Secretariat to ensure that WWDR3’s messages reach the stakeholders.

> Meeting of the WWDR3 Core Production Team

20 March 2009

This meeting allowed for reflection of the results of the on-line consultation and the two consultative meetings described above, through a discussion among those most closely involved in the WWDR3 production process.  The WWAP Secretariat and the Core Production Team met to discuss the production process of the WWDR3, its strengths and weaknesses and start thinking about WWAP’s next phase and next edition of the Report in order to build on this experience and improve the process over time. The discussions were based on a quick review of the consultative process and the compilation of comments received from contributors to the Report and from TAC members after the consultation on the overall production process.

The outcomes of the survey and the three consultative meetings were synthesized and documented in a paper on “Lessons from WWDR3 and Suggestions for WWDR4” to be used to formulate the WWDR4 process.


Side event at the Stockholm World Water Week 2009


> Building on the 3rd edition of the UN World Water Development Report

20 August 2009

WWAP organized a side event at the Stockholm World Water Week during which we presented key messages from the UN world Water Development Report 3 “Water in a Changing World", and discuss them with the participants.

But it was also an opportunity for attendees to learn more about the side processes on Indicators and Scenarios developed by WWAP in parallel with the WWDR, and to discuss the process and development of WWDR4.


Side event at the Stockholm World Water Week 2010


> Managing Water under Uncertainty and Risk: Towards the 2012 UN World Water Development Report

6 September 2010

WWAP presented the working structure and themes of the next UN World Water Development Report, to be launched in March 2012, as well as preliminary conclusions or findings. WWAP generated a discussion and gathered participants' comments on several of the major trends that had emerged in the development of the report thus far.


Side event at the 3rd Africa Water Week, Addis Ababa, November 2010

AWW Addis Ababa, Nov 2010

> The state, use and management of water in Africa from a monitoring and assessment perspective

24 November 2010

WWAP and UN-Water/Africa co-hosted a side event on 24 November 2010 to present the first draft of the Africa Regional Report (see WWDR4 Structure) with the core objective of discussing the contents with participants and securing their views and input. WWAP incorporated the outcomes of the event into the second draft of the Africa Regional Report.


Side event at the Stockholm World Water Week 2011


Managing Water under Uncertainty and Risk: Future Global Water Scenarios and Early Findings of the Fourth UN World Water Development Report (WWDR4)

21 August 2011

During this event, the early findings of the United Nations World Water Development Report (WWDR4), coordinated by the World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP), will be presented for the first time, and the new WWAP Global Water Scenarios Project and its potential impact will be examined. The session will underline that more responsible action by all water users has enormous potential to lead to better outcomes, and that it is only when data has been collected and analysed that the many systems that affect water can be understood and factored into water governance.

The event is designed to be interactive, and the audience and press are encouraged to ask questions and volunteer points for discussion with the speakers during the Q&A session.

The 4th edition of the report - ‘Managing Water under Uncertainty and Risk’ - will be launched on the first day of the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille, France, in March 2012. The WWDR is a UN triennial comprehensive assessment of use and management of the world’s freshwater resources.  WWAP intends to further the understanding of the conditions in which water management decisions are made, and highlight that by improving water resource management and more effectively addressing risks we can create benefits and reduce vulnerabilities to people and the environment. 

The WWAP Global Water Scenarios Project explores alternative futures of the world’s water and its uses to 2050. The last global water scenarios were published over ten years ago, and since then technology and socio-economic conditions in the world has dramatically altered. WWAP will focus and present on the importance of indicators in the use and management of water resources.

Presentation of the early findings of the WWDR4: 

Mr. Richard Connor, Associate Lead Author of the WWDR4, will outline the early findings of the WWDR4, highlighting the external drivers – such as demographics, economics, climate change, consumption patterns, land use – their significant acceleration over the past few years, interactions, and their present and expected impacts on water.

Presentation of the WWAP Global Water Scenarios Project: 

Mr. William Cosgrove, Manager of the WWAP Global Scenarios Project, will describe the results of the first phase of the project and the way forward to provide tools to water managers and decision-makers faced with uncertainty. 


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