WWDR4 Stakeholder Briefing Notes

Although some progress has been made in certain countries and regions towards achieving water‐related development goals, very little has changed overall in terms of the recognition of water’s central role in all aspects of economic development and social welfare. Furthermore, the world is changing faster than ever in often unforeseeable ways, creating additional uncertainty and increasing risks. As such, the relationship between the quantities of available water and shifting future demands can no longer be approximated solely on the basis of historical experience. These new uncertainties and associated risks create additional challenges to allocating and managing water resources. In this context, concerted action is needed more than ever to ensure that
water’s many benefits are maximized and shared equitably. Business as usual is no longer an option.

This flagship Report analyses the interactions between water and the pressures from decisions that drive demand for water and impact upon its availability. It offers tools and potential response options for leaders in government, the private sector and civil society whose decisions depend upon – and ultimately affect – water, and which can help them address current and future challenges in the face of growing risks and uncertainties. It suggests ways in which institutions can be reformed,
capacities improved, and institutional behaviour modified. In addition, it explores possible sources of financing for the investment in water which is urgently needed.

WWAP has created seven targeted  Stakeholder Briefing Notes to impart the targeted messages from the 4th edition of the WWDR to its target audiences.
It is important that each target audience, both in and outside the water-box, appreciates that they too are responsible for making the right water-decisions,  and that the Report’s messages are relevant to them.

Find the WWDR4 Stakeholder Briefing Notes, prepared by James Winpenny,  listed here:

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