WWDR4 structure and content development

The WWDR4 will be structured in three building blocks – or modules – each comprising chapters. The structure approved by UN-Water in August 2009 is presented below.

Preparation of the WWDR4 is a complex and participatory process based on the contribution of twenty-eight UN agencies, members of UN-Water, as well as several UN-Water partner organizations.

Module 1: Status, trends and challenges

This module will provide an overview of recent developments, emerging trends and key challenges in the world’s water resources and in their use and management. It will describe how major global changes are creating increased and new uncertainties and risks related to water. The module also examines specific regions, highlighting geographic hotspots and key sectoral issues to illustrate their links and the actions being taken to assess risks, reduce vulnerabilities and generate benefits.

Module 2: Managing water under uncertainty and risk

The overarching topic of WWDR4 is the title and subject of this module. The key issues affecting water will be investigated through the lens of risk and uncertainty, with particular emphasis on climate change and other drivers of change for water. This module will also report the preliminary findings of the World Water Scenarios project.

Module 3: Knowledge base and supporting documents

In this module the status of water sectors and the water situation in different regions of the world will be updated in the form of Challenge Area Reports (CAR) and Regional Reports (RR) prepared by the UN-Water agencies and by regional economic commissions.

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