WWDR4 - Module 3: Challenge Areas and Regional Reports

The Challenge Area Reports and Regional Reports that make up Module 3 are prepared directly by UN-Water agencies (See table below).

They are the principal source of substantive content for the WWDR4 – its so-called knowledge base. Their messages and conclusions guide the selection of material for the baseline summary in Module 1, which highlights emerging trends, recent developments and geographic hotspots.

The Challenge Area Reports and Regional Reports also feed into Module 2, which draws heavily on them for examples of how various stakeholders are managing water under uncertainty and risk today, and what needs to be done in the future.

Challenge Areas Reports Lead Agencies
State of the resource: Quantity/Distribution UNESCO  
State of the resource: Quality UNEP  
Human settlements UN-HABITAT  
Food and agriculture FAO – IFAD  
Energy UNIDO  
Industry UNIDO  
Ecosystems UNEP  
Allocating water UNESCO-UNESCO IHE  
Valuing water UNDESA  
Investing in infrastructure, its maintenance and operation World Bank  
Institutions for sustainable development UNDP  
Developing knowledge and capacity UNU – UNESCO-IHE – UNW-DPC  
Water-related disasters ISDR  
Impact of desertification, land degradation and drought on water resources UNCCD  
Regional Reports Lead Agencies
Africa UNECA – WWAP  
Europe UNECE  
Asia Pacific UNESCAP  
Latin America-Caribbean UNECLAC  
Western Asia/Arab Region ESCWA

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