Development of WWDR4 Case Studies

From its first edition in 2003, case studies have constituted a pivotal part of the United Nations World Water Development Report (WWDR). Collectively, they illustrate the challenges that confront policy-makers and water managers around the globe, and how they are responding to them. Over the life of the programme, 58 case studies at the basin, national or international level have been completed through mobilization of key stakeholders and partnerships with national bodies.

The present (2012) volume, “Facing the Challenges”, features concise summaries of fifteen case studies compiled over a period of three years, providing ‘snapshots’ of water management practices and use today in diverse regions of the world. These case studies, by design, complement the other volumes of the World Water Development Report 4 (WWDR4), as most of the factors influencing water resources management discussed in those volumes can be observed, in one form or another, in the case studies presented in 2012. The experiences and policies it describes provide different perspectives for all those working towards sustainable development – not only water professionals, but managers and decision makers at all levels, and researchers from within or outside the ‘water box’– helping all to make informed decisions with better knowledge.

WWAP will continue working with national partners and other stakeholders to develop further case studies of water management and use in diverse countries and river basins, to achieve as wide a regional coverage as possible.

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