Global stock taking of marine research

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Manta tow nets are used to collect samples of plankton and plastic pollution.

Knowledge about the sea—ecosystems, acidification, rising water levels, temperature increases etc.—has increased at an unprecedented rate over the last 15 years. The Second International Ocean Research Conference provides an opportunity for the scientific community to take stock of global research and determine a roadmap for the years to come. The purpose of the event is also to help secure recognition for the important role of the ocean in the international political agenda.

Over 600 scientists from more than 70 countries took part in the conference which was co-organized by UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (COI)Fundació Navegació Oceànica Barcelona (Spain) and the Oceanography Society (USA).


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17 November

18 November

19 November

20 November

21 November

  • Fisheries and Global Warming; Impacts on Marine Ecosystems
    Keynote lecture by Daniel Pauly (France)
  • Biodiversity, Conservation and the Interface with Human Need and Greed
  • Closing Session: Lisa Emelia Svensson (Sweden) and Wendy Watson Wright