10 Proposals for the Ocean

The changes that will be required to transition to a Blue-Green Economy will be a mix of physical, behavioural and institutional. The objectives below summarise the nature of changes that will be required. Each of the proposals presented in this section are compared against the objectives in the matrix; the purpose being to understand how broadly relevant each proposal is across the spectrum, which serves to re-emphasise the interconnected nature of the future transition.

Objective 2

Actions that support the Green Economy concept leading to alleviation of poverty and promotion of sustainable ocean sectors and livelihoods including actions to improve implementation at local levels through participatory processes.

Objective 3

Actions resulting in Policy, Legal and Institutional Reforms for effective Ocean Governance, including in the High Seas, and strengthening the institutional framework, mandate and coordination of UN bodies with marine competencies.

Objective 4

Actions supporting marine research, monitoring and evaluation, technology and capacity transfer as a mean for improving knowledge, addressing emerging issues, developing capacities in support of sustainable use of the ocean.

A blueprint for ocean and coastal sustainability

Interagency paper towards the preparation of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20)

This Report is a product of several UN agencies and programmes (IOC/UNESCO, UNDP, IMO, and FAO) and has benefited from comments from a range of ocean stakeholders, including the World Bank, the Global Ocean Forum, the Pew Foundation, and the World Ocean Council as well as a number of dedicated experts.

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