Ocean and Climate 2015: Presentation

An alliance between civil society, scientific institutions, companies, multilateral organizations and local governments around themes related to the Ocean & Climate.


  • Mobilize, in the lead-up to the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, the different stakeholder groups working on “Ocean & Climate” issues in order to highlight the contributions of civil society at COP21 and bring clarity to Ocean-related issues;
  • Provide links to UNFCCC negotiations on Ocean-related issues in order to further advance the advocacy of participating organizations at COP21 and promote “Ocean” aspects to the general public;
  • Share networks, spaces and tools in order to better communicate on the importance of the Ocean in the global climate system to all audiences;
  • Create structured platforms in Paris, before and during COP21, for the research community and civil society organizations (NGOs, companies, etc.) linked to the theme of the “Ocean”.

Our work areas

  • The major role of the Ocean in the climate;
  • The impacts of climate change on the Ocean, its inhabitants and coastal areas;
  • Ocean-based solutions for adaptation and mitigation. 
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