Partners' Reports

We have listed below some relevant reports prepared by our valuable partners. 

Stockholm Environment Institute

Valuing the Ocean. Preview Summary
This study, the work of an international, multi-disciplinary team of experts coordinated by SEI, will be published as a peer-reviewed book later this year; this summary is being released to inform preparations for the Rio+20 Earth Summit.

Pew Environment Group

Policy recommendation. Ocean earth: how rio+20 can and must turn the tide (.pdf)
The Pew Environment Group highlights two main field of action: fisheries and biodiversity. The report makes recommendations for sustainable fisheries and for biodiversity conservation.   

What State want from Rio+20 : The Ocean (.pdf)
This report is an analysis of submissions from political groups and States on threats to the ocean and the ramifications for sustainable development. The Pew Environment Group has attempted to highlight commonalities and to offer recommendations to address these threats to ensure a healthy ocean for future generations.


Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI)

Advancing the Oceans agenda at Rio+20: Where we must go (.pdf)
This paper aims at contributing to three of these four objectives with regard to oceans by

  • Demanding renewed political commitment for sustainable ocean management;
  • Proposing options to fill the remaining gaps in ocean governance; and
  • Addressing some new and emerging challenges.   

Global Ocean Forum

Input to rio+20 compilation document (.pdf)  
This report is the Global Ocean Forum’s input to the Rio+20 compilation documents   

Ocean at Rio+20: an analysis of input documents (.pdf)  
The Global Ocean Forum has reviewed the inputs documents for substantive focus on ocean and coastal issues, and has compiled tables outlining the ocean-related priorities and proposals of the political groups, regional preparatory meetings, and Member States   

How Well Are We Doing in Meeting the Commitments from the 1992 Earth Summit and the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development? (.pdf)
This report addresses the question of “How well are we doing?” in the implementation of the UNCED and WSSD goals and targets related to oceans, coasts, and islands.   

Ocean Day at Durban (COP17)
Co-Chairs Statement  
This Co-Chairs’ Statement emanating from Oceans Day at Durban (during the United Nations Climate Change Conference - COP17, 2011) addresses the need for urgent and concerted actions emphasizing the central role of the oceans in climate and ad- dressing the urgent issues faced by coastal and island communities living at the frontlines of climate change, including sea level rise, coastal erosion, extreme weather events, and ocean acidification, among others.

International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

Oceans Day Bulletin
A Summary Report of the Oceans Day at Durban
This report includes a Brief History of Climate Change and Oceans and summarizes each of the 7 sessions organized for Ocean Day at Durban.


Hot, sour and breathless - Oceans under stress
This short report highlights the main threats to marine environments, such as warming temperatures and acidification, and explains what causes them, what are the consequences, direct effects and impacts. It is a good introduction to ocean issues.

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