19.04.2012 - Natural Sciences Sector

Mika Odido Appointed First IOC Coordinator in Africa

The newly created secretariat for the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (UNESCO-IOC) Sub Commission for Africa and the Adjacent Island States began operations at the beginning of March 2012. It is based at the UNESCO Regional Office for Science in Africa, Nairobi, Kenya. The secretariat is headed by Mr Mika Odido, the newly appointed IOC Coordinator for Africa. Mr Odido was the project coordinator of the Ocean Data and Information Network of Africa (ODINAFRICA), a position he held since 2000, and he will continue to manage the 4th phase of ODINAFRICA as part of his new responsibilities.

The IOC Sub-Commission for Africa and Adjacent Island States is an intergovernmental subsidiary body of the IOC that was established at the 26th Session of the Assembly (22 June – 5 July 2011) to facilitate coordination among the Member States in the region and to ensure the efficient implementation of IOC programmes in Africa. The Sub-Commission will be responsible for the promotion of regional and international cooperation, and the development and coordination of the Commission's marine scientific and research programmes, the ocean services, the ocean observing systems, capacity development and related activities in the region by taking account of the specific interests and priorities of Member States from Africa. It will strengthen IOC's presence in Africa, increase the effectiveness of its actions, and give concrete effect to the priority accorded to Africa by UNESCO.

The First Session of the Sub Commission will be held at the United Nations Offices in Nairobi on 2 – 3 May 2012.

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