13.12.2018 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

UNESCO Chair on Ocean Sustainability

13 December 2018

Responsible Institution:
Universidade de São Paulo

Professor Vahan Agopyan,
Rua da Reitoria, 374,
05508-220, São Paulo, Brazil
E-mail: gr@usp.br 

Working Themes: Ocean Sciences, Sustainable Development

Main Objective:
The purpose of the Chair is to promote an integrated System of research, training, information and documentation on ocean sustainability. It will facilitate collaboration between high-level, internationally-recognized researchers and teaching staff from the University and other institutions in Brazil, as well as elsewhere in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Specific Objectives:

  • To develop and promote ocean literacy and science-based decision-making among academies, policy and decision-makers and society at large to enhance knowledge on oceans and contribute to better informed decision and policy-making.
  • To develop and promote integrated and interdisciplinary science as well as technological development and innovation for ocean sustainability notably through knowledge co-generation and dissemination thus contributing to improved coastal and ocean governance, opportunities for sustainability oriented blue growth, source-to-sea approaches to foster marine conservation and combat pollution, and create scientific tools and instruments for ocean monitoring.

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