06.06.2017 - Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission

United Nations to launch a World Oceans Day online portal at The Ocean Conference

The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO announced that it will launch a United Nations online portal for World Oceans Day on 8 June 2017 at the Ocean Conference in New York. This platform, with worldwide outreach, will provide actors involved in ocean-related issues with the opportunity to share their events and increase their visibility.

The main objective of this initiative is to develop a UN universal and multilingual portal that can help the ocean community discover who is mobilizing for World Oceans Day (WOD), use the available event-planning and educational resources to bring WOD to institutions and communities, provide support to develop and plan activities with the shared expertise of worldwide networks, and showcase celebrations happening around the world through an interactive map.

Developed in partnership with the UN Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea (UN/DOALOS) and the World Ocean Network, the World Oceans Day portal is also conceived as a tool to keep the general public informed about the actions the UN, Governments and all stakeholders around the world are taking to carefully and sustainably manage the irreplaceable resource that is our ocean.

Moreover, the platform will provide material for coastal communities, students, citizens and scientists to communicate their priorities to policy-makers and show just how critical and global their commitment to the conservation of the ocean is. 

Currently available in English, a French and Spanish version of the portal will be launched on World Oceans Day 2018, alongside a database of resources about the Day and the Sustainable Development Goals.

All details about the initiative can be found on The Ocean Conference Registry of Voluntary Commitments alongside other commitments undertaken by Governments, international organizations, civil society organizations, the private sector, scientific institutions and other stakeholders towards the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14 – to conserve and sustainable use our ocean.

Please visit our page “UNESCO @ UN Ocean Conference” for a comprehensive view of the programme, our side events and all our voluntary commitments.

For more information, please contact:

Vinicius Lindoso (v.lindoso(at)unesco.org), for information about the UN World Oceans Day online portal.

Julian Barbière (j.barbiere(at)unesco.org), for information about the participation of UNESCO’s IOC at the Ocean Conference.

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