Capacity building

Climate Change Starter’s Guidebook

In 2011, UNESCO, in partnership with UNEP, elaborated a guidebook aiming to support educators (teachers and education planners) in developing their understanding of the science of climate change, observed and anticipated impacts, and different possible responses. This guidebook also covers the impacts on society, as well as political and educational responses to climate change. An entire section of the guidebook is dedicated to the gendered dimension of climate change, focusing on the importance to ensure women’s education.

Training Manual on Gender and Climate Change

This first-of-its-kind publication, led IUCN and UNDP, responds to the needs of policy-makers and climate change scientists to better understand and address the gender dimensions of climate change. It clarifies the linkages between gender and climate change mitigation and adaption. It is a practical tool to increase the capacity of decision-makers to develop informed gender-responsive climate change policies and strategies. In 2009, UNESCO collaborated with IUCN and UNDP on the production and translation into French of the manual.

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