The team of the STEM and Gender Advancement (SAGA) project consists of:

SAGA Steering Committee
Technical team composed of UNESCO specialists managing and overseeing the project.

  • Ernesto Fernandez Polcuch, Chief of Section, Science Policy and Partnerships, UNESCO
  • Martin Schaaper, Chief of Science, Culture and Communication Statistics, UNESCO Institute for Statistics
  • L. Anathea Brooks, Programme Specialist, Programme Coordination and Evaluation, UNESCO


  • Alessandro Bello, project officer, UNESCO
  • Kim Deslandes, Research and statistical assistant, UNESCO Institute for Statistics

SAGA Advisory Committee
This committee is comprised of eelected international senior experts in gender equality, with focus on STI policy, statistics and indicators, provide strategic input, advices, as well as share results widely.

Members of SAGA Advisory Committee are:

SAGA Partners

Other global and regional efforts addressing gender in STEM have joined forces with the SAGA project, such as initiatives from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and International Council for Science (ICSU). The IDB´s project on gender equality in innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean is being developed in parallel with SAGA, with a representative of SAGA taking part in the IDB Advisory Committee meetings, and vice versa. SAGA has also collaborated to the development of the Yfactor 2016 questionnaire, a survey on gender in STEM.

For more information, please contact us at saga(at) 

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