International Mother Language Day - 21 Feb 2012 
Revitalizing Mayangna Language and Culture: The importance of Mother Tongue Education in Nicaragua

Reinforcing Transmission of Mayangna Knowledge and Language in the BOSAWAS Biosphere Reserve 
Managua, Nicaragua, 24-28 January 2012
The LINKS programme, with support from the Royal Embassy of Norway to Nicaragua, launched the classroom pilot of a set of classroom materials which will incorporate the contents of the UNESCO book, “Mayangna Knowledge of the Interdependence of People and Nature: Fish and Turtles” into the curriculum of Mayangna schools...

Celebrating the indigenous knowledge of the Mayangna people
Book launch - July 2010
The book “Conocimientos del Pueblo Mayangna sobre la Convivencia del Hombre y la Naturaleza” was successfully launched in July 2010 in Managua, Nicaragua. Available in Mayangna and Spanish, the 400-page book in two volumes captures the knowledge, know-how and worldview of the Mayangna people...

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