International Social Science Journal (ISSJ) Special Issues

Cultural Diversity and Biodiversity
International Social Science Journal - Issue 187 - March 2006
Marie Roué, Editorial Advisor
This issue investigates the relations between local and indigenous societies and nature from the Philippines to Benin, from sub-arctic to Melanesia, and from Thailand to France... 

NGOs in the Governance of Biodiversity
International Social Science Journal - Issue 178 - December 2003
Marie Roué, Editorial Advisor
Since the traditional ecological knowledge of local and indigenous peoples was written into Agenda 21 and the Convention on Biodiversity, their role in management of their natural resources has achieved international recognition...

Indigenous Knowledge
International Social Science Journal - Issue 173 - September 2002 
Arun Agrawal, Editorial Advisor
The contributions to this issue consider the basic question of how to think about indigenous knowledge and its relationship to power, arguing for greater attention to the contexts in which indigenous peoples live, indigenous knowledge is generated, and interactions between the putative indigenous/local and the alleged scientific/modern occur...

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