Related reports and briefs from IPBES stakeholders. Please contact us if there are other reports you would like to see here.

Institut für Biodiversität (ibn) workshop reports:

International Workshop on diverse Knowledge Systems in IPBES (2015)

Indigenous valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services compared to other ways of valuation in the context of IPBES (2014):

Report of the International Expert Workshop connecting diverse Knowledge Systems in the context of IPBES (2013)


Other reports:

SwedBio at the Stockholm Resilience Centre A Multiple Evidence Base approach for equity across knowledge systems

Tebtebba. 2013. Developing and Implementing CBMIS: The Global Workshop and the Philippine Workshop Reports

WWF. 2013. Working with Indigenous and Local Knowledge Systems for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services


· Following tradition: Top examples of indigenous knowledge preserving biodiversity, ecosystem service - IPBES release

· 'Amplifying the voices of indigenous communities' - a interview with LINKS head on IPBES

· Climate Change – is it the Indigenous Peoples who have the answers? News article with Manuela Carneiro da Cunha - Tokyo workshop participant on IPBES and ILK

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