07.06.2011 - Natural Sciences Sector

Adaptation and African Pastoralism - Linking Indigenous & Scientific Knowledge Systems for Weather Forecasting and Policy Response


Can weather forecasting and climate policy in Africa be made more effective by linking indigenous pastoralists’ knowledge and meteorological science? IPACC & UNESCO organize a panel bringing together perspectives from different knowledge systems and cultural frameworks towards enhancing adaptation, biodiversity, livelihoods and food security.

We discuss how climate service providers can collaborate with pastoralists to provide information that would enable local pastoralists to make appropriate decisions for adaptation based on long-term, scientific weather forecasts. We also discuss the potential applications of pastoralist knowledge, which provides site-specific, long-term and long-range data necessary for the creation of more locally accurate weather forecasts.

This side event (9 June 2011, Bonn, Germany) is the first event of a multi-stakeholder collaboration that investigates ways to anchor adaptation policy within both science and traditional knowledge, in-line with the principles of the Cancun Adaptation Framework.

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