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UNESCO’S Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) announces laureates of Young Scientists and Michel Batisse awards

The laureates of the 2011 Young Scientists Awards and of the Michel Batisse Award were announced by the International Coordinating Council of the Man and the Biosphere Programme of UNESCO (MAB) meeting from 28 June to 1 July in Dresden (Germany).

Since 1989, the Man and the Biosphere Programme has been awarding yearly scholarships of up to US$5,000 to ten young researchers, to encourage them to work on ecosystems, natural resources and biodiversity. This year, two special fellowships financed by the Austrian MAB Committee are also being awarded. The 2011 laureates and their projects are:

Aah Ahmad Almulqu (Indonesia): appraisal of carbon storage in tropical dry forests (case study in the Komodo National Park, Nusa Tengarra East) ;      

David Paz-Garcia (Mexico): morphological and genetic diversity status of coral reefs and their symbionts in three Mexican biosphere reserves;        

Raimundo Elias Gomez (Argentina): practices and local representations of sustainability and conservation among inhabitants of protected areas in the buffer zones of the Yaboti Biosphere Reserve;

Iordan Hristov (Bulgaria): improving the balance between residents and their environment in the biosphere reserves of the Central Balkan National Park in Bulgaria;

Elizabeth Kearsley (Belgium): foliage biomass study in the Yangambi Biosphere Reserve in the Democratic Republic of the Congo;

Maria Pukinskaya (Russian Federation): the long-term dynamics of damage caused by a storm in a spruce forest in the Central Forest State Nature Biosphere Reserve;

Heriosa Razakanirina (Madagascar): climate change and the ecomorphology and viability of mangroves in north-western Madagascar;

Laura Riba-Hernandez (Costa Rica): diversity and altitudinal variation of owls in the secondary tropical forest of southern Costa Rica’s Pacific watershed, and their relations with vegetation structure;

Jariya Sakayaroj (Thailand): conifer disease in Thailand’s mangrove;

Juan Carlos Silva Tamayo (Colombia): a Holocene paleoclimatic reconstruction of the northwest of Latin America: a multiproxy and multiscale approach.

Special fellowships funded by the Austrian MAB Committee:

Choe Yong Min (Democratic People's Republic of Korea): appraisal of environmental change linked to climate change in the forest ecosystem of Mount Paekdu Biosphere Reserve;

Horacio Sirolli et Luciano Iribarren (Argentina): a sustainable production and environmental education strategy aimed at fostering endemic forest conservation in the Parana Delta Biosphere Reserve;

The Michel Batisse Award is granted to Nizar Hani (Lebanon) for his case study on “Creative and innovative approaches to fighting poverty, improving subsistence resources and ensuring sustainability in the Chouf Biosphere Reserve”. The US$6,000 grant rewards efforts to provide for the integrated management of a biosphere reserve.

Biosphere reserves are designated in the framework of the UNESCO MAB Programme. They include land, coastal or marine ecosystems where innovative solutions allowing to combine biodiversity conservation and its sustainable use are implemented.

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