Archive: UNESCO's Past Activities on Culture (i.e. pre-January 2005)

As noted in the lead-in to 'Post-MIM UNESCO Activities', since its founding some sixty years ago, UNESCO has strived to emphasize the cultural foundations of the human endeavour. This work has included the drafting and implementation of a set of standard-setting instruments in the cultural field, the promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, the protection of the world's tangible and intangible heritage, and the development of cultural enterprises. Central to these various activities is the perception of the overwhelming importance and all-pervasiveness of culture and cultural identity in respect to sustainable living and sustainable development. This is apparent if we understand culture as the lens through which one looks at the world.

In flagging some aspects of UNESCO's past work in the field of Culture, it should be stressed that activities are continuing in many of these generic domains, such as endangered languages, indigenous peoples, traditional music, slave trade, etc. The web-sites for these various activity areas can be consulted for information on recent (post-MIM) projects and future activities.

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