Islands as Crossroads: Cultural Diversities in Small Islands

Workshop, Seychelles, 11-13 April 2007

One follow-up of the discussions during the plenary panel on Culture at the Mauritius International Meeting (January 2005) was an interregional expert workshop on ‘Islands as Crossroads: Cultural Diversities in Small Islands’. The underlying question which triggered and shaped the event is the extent to which small islands have indeed served as cultural crossroads -- plural or hybrid sites for identity formation, intangible heritage and global inter-connectivity from pre-colonial times to contemporary globalization. Among the issues and processes addressed are those of ethnic plurality, mobile populations, global diasporas, global tourism, global media, cultural industries and so on, that affect and impact on cultural diversities. One outcome of the Seychelles workshop is an account on how sustainable development can be further catalysed through the promotion and management of cultural diversities.

A multi-authored book has been published in February 2011, compiling the various contributions.

For further information, see here.

- Tim Curtis, Programme Specialist (Culture Sector), t.curtis(at)
- Douglas Nakashima, Chief of Section for Small Islands and Indigenous Knowledge (SII), links(at)

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