Small Islands Voice (SIV) Discussion Forum

Extracts from a newspaper article in Mauritius' News on Sunday provided the starting point on 9 February 2005 for a discussion thread on Communities planning their future in a post-tsunami world in the SIV discussion forum (some 40,000 individuals connected).

The lead item posed the issue of the vulnerability of islanders throughout the world to natural hazards such as tsunamis, and drew attention to an initiative in Palau whereby communities are laying out a blueprint or vision statement for future changes they want to see.

A first digest of responses on 'Time to turn the tables: Put people at the forefront of planning' was posted on 22 February and reported reactions from Australia, Fiji and Cook Islands.

A second posting on 8 March on 'Communities reducing island vulnerability' featured observations and experiences from Grand Bahama (Bahamas), Prince Edward Island (Canada) and Virgin Gorda (British Virgin Islands).

A final posting (22 March) reported on a success story from Old Providence and Santa Catalina in the southwestern Caribbean, where the Minister of the Environment of Colombia has encouraged local people and grassroots organizations to begin a bottom-up community visioning process and to take an active role in the elaboration and carrying out of plans in such domains as municipal development, land use and ecotourism.

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