'Knowledge Management and Information for Decision-Making' and '60 Minutes to Convince'

In early September 2005, UNESCO’s Bureau of Pubic Information launched a series of 60 week-long events organized as part of the events to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Organization and designed to focus attention on a range of the Organization’s activities. Each week, an hour-long seminar entitled '60 Minutes to Convince', held at lunchtime on successive Tuesdays, evokes, week by week, 60 subjects at the heart of its action.

Several of the weekly seminars relate to 'Knowledge management and information for decision-making', including:

  • Broadening access to knowledge : from book to hypertext (26 September- 1 October 2005)
  • UNESCO’s founding principles (14-19 November)
  • National policies and Education for All (7-12 November)
  • Information technologies (12-17 December)
  • Management of social transformations ( 9-14 January 2006)
  • Secondary and vocational education (30 January-4 February )
  • Education of girls and women (6-11 March)
  • Anticipation and foresight (27 March-1 April)
  • Higher education (3-8 April)
  • Freedom of information and the press (31 April-6 May)
  • Distance learning (29 May-3 June)
  • Education for sustainable development (5-10 June)
  • Non-formal education (25-30 September)
  • Science education (9-14 October)
  • Towards knowledge-societies? (30 October- 4 November)
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