Technical Publications and Information Materials

'Knowledge management and information for decision-making' encompasses many different issues and perspectives, as reflected in this sampling of publications and other information materials produced in the years preceeding the Mauritius International Meeting of January 2005.

Country Profiles of E-Governance (2002). 
Study by UNESCO and COMNET-IT of 15 country abstracts (including Jamaica and Mauritius), representing different situations in each of UNESCO's principal regions.

Draft Recommendation concerning the Promotion and Use of Multilingualism and Universal Access to Cyberspace (2003).
Sets of recommendations related to the development of multilingual content, public domain content and universal access to information.

Electronic Connectedness in Pacific Island Countries (1999).
Survey by Zwimpfer Communications Ltd on the use of computers, e-mail and the Internet in education, culture and communication.

Global Survey on Online Governance (2000).
Joint research initiative by UNESCO and COMNET-IT to explore the interaction between access, empowerment and governance in 62 countries.

Integrating ICTs in Education: Lessons Learned (2004).
Collective case study of six Asian countries (including Singapore), with findings and recommendations likely to be of interest to individuals and institutions in SIDS. One of a virtual library of guides and information sources on ICTs in Education prepared by the UNESCO Asia and Pacific Bureau for Education, Bangkok.

Management of Distance Learning Systems (1992).
Monograph by G. Rumble, published as IIEP Fundamentals of Educational Planning No.43.

Media Education in the Pacific: A Guide for Secondary School Teachers (2003).
Joint initiative of UNESCO-Apia and the network of Associated Schools in the Pacific, aimed at introducing media education through various school subjects in the countries of the region. Launched at a workshop in Fiji in June 2003.

National Strategies for E-learning in Post Secondary Education and Training (2001).
Study by T. Bates, published as IIEP Fundamentals of Educational Planning No 70.

Small Islands Voice: Laying the Foundations (2003).
Assessment of initial activities carried out in 2002 within the Small Islands Voice initiative, and proposals for 2003. Based on inter-regional workshop held in Palau in November 2002.

Survey on Internet Infrastructure and E-Governance in Pacific Islands (2002).
Survey by Zwimpfer Communications Ltd, commissioned by UNESCO-Apia, which identifies 11 major barriers inhibiting e-governance.

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