UNESCO Publications related to Small Island Developing States

  • Report: UNESCO Pacific World Heritage Workshop (5-9 September 2011 in Apia, Samoa)
  • “Matenek Lokal, Timor Nian!” (Traditional Knowledge of Timor)
  • Brochure: Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Pacific
  • Policy Paper: Return[ed] to Paradise. The Deportation Experience in Samoa & Tonga
  • EDUCAIDS Country Snapshot Guinea-Bissau
  • Caring and Learning Together: A Case Study of Jamaica
  • Publication: Community media – a good practice handbook
  • Training Manual for Fish Disease Diagnosis for Small Island Developing States
  • Brochure - Building Island Resilience
  • Book - Women and the Teaching Profession: Exploring the Feminisation Debate
  • Islands in a Sea of Change poster panels
  • Address: Davidson L. Hepburn on the occasion of the Opening of the Experts meeting on climate change education for sustainable development and adaptation in SIDS
  • Article: Qal’at al-Bahrain – Capital of the Dilmun civilization
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