31.12.2009 - Natural Sciences Sector

CCBP Module 4: Management of Cultural Landscapes

In 2004, the World Heritage Committee endorsed the Caribbean Capacity Building Programme (CCBP) to help implement UNESCO’s World Heritage Convention in the Caribbean. It is a long-term training programme composed of various modules including a general training course on the “Application of the World Heritage Convention” and thematic ones related to different aspects of managing. “Management of Cultural Landscapes” is one of these specific modules and has been prepared by UNESCO with contribution of consultant Isabel Rigol.


The fourth CCBP Module provides a methodology for the identification, protection and sustainable use of cultural landscapes. The cultural landscapes of the Caribbean, which mainly relate to plantation systems, are under threat. They are, for example, affected by changes in the use of the land as intensive agriculture replaces traditional cultivation systems. “Management of Cultural Landscapes” presents the cultural landscapes of the region as well as those changes affecting them. It also aims at creating awareness of their potential outstanding universal value for their nomination as World Heritage.


While each module lasts for 30 hours and is designed for, among others, professionals and stakeholders in the field of cultural heritage, politicians or universities, their manuals are freely available to interested readers online.


To access “Management of Cultural Landscapes”, click here.

To find out more about the World Heritage Convention Caribbean Capacity Building Programme including the other training modules, click here.

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