25.01.2012 - Natural Sciences Sector

“Matenek Lokal, Timor Nian!” (Traditional Knowledge of Timor)


The publication “Matenek Lokal, Timor Nian!” (Traditional Knowledge of Timor), available in Tetum and as an unofficial English translation, is the outcome of the national workshop on “Promoting SIDS and LINKS programmes in Timor-Leste”. The workshop was organized by the Haburas Foundation, the Timor-Leste National Commission for UNESCO and the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science for Asia and the Pacific (based in Jakarta) and took place in Dili, Timor Leste, on 7-8 June 2011.


“Matenek Lokal, Timor Nian!” is the first book on traditional ecological knowledge and various developmental aspects published in the local Tetum language in Timor-Leste.


The publication includes nine papers explore the various aspects of local and traditional knowledge and its relation to nature conservation, land management and natural resource management, and industry. It includes information on UNESCO’s programme of Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems (LINKS) as well as recommendations for promoting local and indigenous knowledge and integrating it into development policies.



To access the Tetum language version “Matenek Lokal, Timor Nian!”, click here.


For the unofficial translation “Traditional Knowledge of Timor”, click here.


A summary of the English translation is also available.


Please visit the website of UNESCO’s Regional Bureau for Science in Jakarta for more information on this publication and UNESCO’s activities in Asia and the Pacific.

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