Extract from the Mauritius Strategy (Chapter XIX, Para 82)

82. Small island developing States recognize the importance of the cultural identity of people and its importance in advancing sustainable development, and also recognize the need to develop cultural industries and initiatives, which present significant economic opportunities for national and regional development. Cultural industries and initiatives are viewed as an area in which small island developing States have comparative advantage, which have the potential to diversify small island developing States economies and build their resilience while they adjust to changes in the global economy. Small island developing States are committed, with the necessary support of the international community, to:

(a) Develop and implement national cultural policies and legislative frameworks to support the development of cultural industries and initiatives in such areas as music, art, the literary and culinary arts, fashion, festivals, theatre and film, sports and cultural tourism;

(b) Develop measures to protect the natural, tangible and intangible cultural heritage and increase resources for the development and strengthening of national and regional cultural initiatives;

(c) Improve institutional capacity for advocacy and marketing of cultural products and the protection of intellectual property;

(d) Seek venture capital and access to credit to small and medium -sized cultural enterprises and initiatives, including through the establishment of culture support funds in small island developing States regions.

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