'Sustainable Capacity Building and ESD' and '60 Minutes to Convince'

In early September 2005, UNESCO's Bureau of Pubic Information launched a series of 60 week-long events organized as part of the events to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Organization and designed to focus attention on a range of the Organization's activities. Each week, an hour-long seminar entitled 60 Minutes to Convince, held at lunchtime on successive Tuesdays, evoke, week by week, 60 subjects at the heart of its action.

Among the weekly seminars, a fair number relate to 'Sustainable capacity development and education for sustainable development', including:

  • Education for All (5-9 September 2005)
  • Citizen education (19-24 September)
  • Teachers (3-8 October)
  • National policies and Education for All (7-12 November)
  • Secondary and vocational education (30 January-4 February 2006)
  • Education of girls and women (6-11 March)
  • Higher education (3-8 April)
  • Distance learning (29 May-3 June)
  • Education for sustainable development (5-10 June)
  • Education through sport (17-22 July)
  • Non-formal education (25-30 September)
  • Science education (9-14 October)
  • Arts education (23-28 October)

In addition, sustainable capacity development is explicit in a number of the activities presented and discussed in other weekly seminars (e.g. that on 'Science, technology and development').

Further information is provided elsewhere in this website, in respect to UNESCO's contributions to the implementation of other chapters in the Mauritius Strategy.

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