Contributing to Policy and Decision-Making

As a follow-up to the Mauritius International Meeting, within UNESCO, the Social and Human Sciences (SHS) sector has focused its contribution to the implementation of the Mauritius Strategy on the spirit and substance of Chapter XVI 'National and regional enabling environments'. As part of this process, a discussion paper has been prepared and refined, as a means of combining collective expertise and examining agendas for action with country-level partners. The proposal is to develop an integrated research model via two community-based action research initiatives in the Caribbean and the Pacific. It is intended that this model will provide inputs as to how Chapter XVI might best be addressed.

As for the specifics of the community-based action research programme, coastal resource management is the initial thematic focus for the Caribbean, with women, youth and poverty the initial thematic focus in the Pacific. These action research programmes will not only promote and document factors that contribute to sustainable development and sustainable living in SIDS, but also inquire into, support and build (where necessary) processes and institutions that can supply highest quality information in a useful manner to relevant policy-making processes.
For further information, contact April Tash in the Executive Office of the Assistant Director-General for the Social and Human Sciences Sector (

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