Youth Envisioning Contest - Asia-Pacific 2006

A Youth Envisioning Contest is being organized in 2006 as a 'fun way' for young people and teachers in the Asia-Pacific region to think holistically about sustainability issues. In brief, those interested in taking part receive a simple 'introduction kit', containing a brief introduction to sustainable development and exercises that outline the holistic nature of sustainable development (incorporating the environmental, social, economic and cultural aspects). Visions can be expressed in any medium (stories, art, photos, poems etc). The deadline for submissions is September 2006.

The contest will provide an avenue for young people to express their ideas to policy makers at the 10th International Conference of the Asia-Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development (APEID), to be held in Hanoi (Vietnam) from 5-8 December 2006 around the theme of Learning Together for Tomorrow: Education for Sustainable Development. Educators and ministerial officials will view and discuss the submissions through an exhibit and workshops during the conference. Winners and young people will be invited to attend and present their work.

For more information on the Youth Envisioning Contest, contact: Katie Mossman in the UNESCO Office in Bangkok (

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