Caribbean: Promoting the Inclusion of Effective HIV/AIDS Mitigation and Prevention Policies

The UNESCO Office for the Caribbean in Kingston has focused on achieving consensus among governments and other stakeholders, developing a blueprint for the region on how the educational sector should respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, establishing partnerships for action in this field, and building capacity in Member States. As a result of this effort, the education sectors of Caribbean countries have become more prepared to contribute to HIV/AIDS epidemic mitigation and containment through formal and systemic inclusion of HIV/AIDS education at all levels, inclusive of teacher education and professional development systems.

The Clearinghouse site provides access to Caribbean-related resources and facilitates sharing of information on key events in the region and internationally. Regular sources of information are quarterly reports to the United Nations HIV/AIDS groups in the Caribbean and other partners.

Earlier and ongoing activities include the setting-up of the first UNESCO-Commonwealth Regional Chair in Education and AIDS at the University of the West Indies, the Graffiti Wall initiative at the University of Technology Jamaica, the design of a new web-based discussion and learning portal on HIV/AIDS for Caribbean Young People, the preparation of a HIV & AIDS Handbook for Health Workers, support to HIV/AIDS Response Teams in the education sector, youth initiatives on HIV & AIDS and human rights, promotion of leadership and advocacy among Ministers of Education and high-level officials in respect to HIV & AIDS issues, inclusion of Caribbean-SIDS case studies (from Barbados, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago) in UNAIDS study on 'Another Way to Learn'.

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