Participation Programme

UNESCO’s Participation Programme is designed to provide direct assistance to initiatives undertaken by Member States in the Organization’s fields of competence, in line with priorities determined by the countries themselves, with proposals submitted via UNESCO National Commissions. The funds are modest (up to a maximum of US$26,000 granted for national project requests, with about six projects per country in each biennium, and up to US$46,000 for regional submissions). But UNESCO is not a funding agency. And support at these sorts of level may often be easier to assimilate than higher orders of financial contribution.

As an ensemble, Participation Programme projects touch on many of the technical fields and areas of concern addressed in the Mauritius Strategy, including Health and HIV/AIDS issues, as reflected in this sampling of approved projects that have been carried out in the last few years.

  • Aruba. AIDS and education in Aruba.
  • Grenada. Drugs use survey, awareness-raising on links between drugs abuse and HIV/AIDS infection, and preventive education.
  • Samoa. HIV &AIDS awareness programme for youth and young adults.
  • Tuvalu. HIV &AIDS preventive education and health promotion among young people.
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