Knowledge Management and Information for Decision-Making

The contribution of UNESCO to Chapter XVIII (Knowledge management and information for decision-making) of the Mauritius Strategy relates to the generation of new knowledge in many technical and non-technical fields as well as to the transmission and use of knowledge through education and communication.

As such, other chapter headings (left) provide access to many activities that also concern ‘Knowledge management and information for decision-making’. Included here are many of the entries relating to communication and ICTs, science and technology, education and capacity building, enabling environments, and so on. More specific examples include contributions to early warning systems (Chapter II), community multimedia centres and the participation of all in the emerging global information society (Chapter X) and distance education (Chapter XIV).

Hotlinks to a handful of these issues posted elsewhere on this website – together with some additional entry points – are provided here.

Archive: UNESCO's Past Activities on Knowledge Management and Information for Decision-Making

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