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Several issues related to ‘Coastal and marine resources’ have been taken-up in the web-based discussion forums on Wise Coastal Practices (WiCoP) and Small Islands Voice (SIV) operated by UNESCO Coastal Regions and Small Islands (CSI) Platform. Discussion threads have included:

  • Use of remote sensing in wise practices for coastal management. WiCoP Forum. September 1999.
  • Paradise lost: how marine science failed the world’s coral reefs. WiCoP Forum. September 2000.
  • Purchasing coastal areas for conservation is an option. WiCoP Forum. November 2000.
  • Towards prevention and resolution of conflicts over coastal resources and values. WiCoP Forum. April-July 2001.
  • Soft engineering measures for coastal erosion control: Synthesis of Forum views. WiCoP Forum. March 2002.
  • Wise practice agreements: a proposed mechanism for reducing coastal conflicts. WiCoP Forum. June 2002.
  • Beach access in Tobago. SIV Global Forum. October-November 2002.
  • Adapting to change: resilience in small islands.. WiCoP Forum. January-May 2004.
  • Preventing illegal deep sea fishing around small islands.. SIV Global Forum. March-May 2004.
  • Climate change: is it an urgent issue in small islands?. SIV Global Forum. August-November 200
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