INSULA and 'Science and Technology' in Islands

Among the international NGOs which work closely with UNESCO, the International Scientific Council for Island Development (INSULA) has a strong programme on science and technology, and more particularly on renewable energies.

This work includes the organization of international conferences and the diffusion of conference publications and other information materials, such as those related to an Island Solar Summit (Tenerife, May 1999), a Euro-Caribbean conference on sustainable energies (St Lucia, May 2002) and follow-up discussion forum, and an international conference on renewable energy systems for islands, tourism and water desalination (Crete, May 2003).

Several issues of INSULA's International Journal of Island Affairs have been focused on science and technology, such as policies and strategies for desalination and renewable energies (January 2001), biosciences and biotechnologies (February 2003) and island biodiversity (February-September 2004).

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